“What we seek, at the deepest level, is inwardly to resemble, rather than physically to possess, the objects and places that touch us through their beauty.” - Alain de botton, The Architecture of Happiness


I am searching and suffering in the quest to explore the unexplained presence hiding within our landscapes. That overcrowded but empty city, that melancholy small town mentality. Those insignificant childhood memories that defined a coming of age (of gender, of sexuality, of performance?). It is these paradoxes that consume me and my search to find identity within the physical. My work challenges the social expression of culture through a material adaptation and an emphasis on personal emotive experiences through a female queer identity. In the creation of my own landscapes I source a reflective space in which time is transcendent and objects become at play with truth and imagination. There is always a pop soundtrack playing somewhere in the distance. The journey of my practice is an awakening of self awareness and a struggle to be present within today not yesterday, it is an evolving embodiment of belonging, whatever and wherever that may be.


I do not seek to possess a place but purely to be belonging to. For my most inwardly reflections to be gazed at by the passer by, no words to be exchanged except a knowing of feeling. Through my practice I am always questioning utopian desires, finding avenues to explore what can blossom out of short falls of community planning. The linear streets of houses, the dreams of L.A. and Cliff Richard rollerskating through the shopping centre. These are all images that become metaphors at play within my work. The concrete and glass become a mirror for youth and what it means to be a kid growing up in a new town. Exploring the intensified emotions of trying to find your people, your place and yourself within an environment that not yet screams its own identity. It feels often like a constant discovery of myself as I have delved deeper into archival images and town plans. Discovering what I want from a home and the world around me and what I feel it may not always give back to me.



Instagram: beccasmrt

Living and working in London